Sources of Vitamin B12 – 10 Foods that Increase Vit B12 Naturally

  • October 2, 2020
  • / By Abdul Aziz

Know About Sources of Vit B-12 and Benefits

Vitamin B-12 is very essential for bodybuilding. In this article, I will share the various Sources of Vitamin B12- with its health benefits and its necessity for overall body functionality.

Living a healthy lifestyle is necessary for every human being. Both mind and body are the inter-relating sources for the effective performance of an individual.

In previous days, we are hardly paying the physical efforts to earn money. Too much hard work with equal food formulating a good and simple lifestyle. 

Due to the technology development now all the works are simply automated. Initially, we are automating the works to fast and ease work production.

Sources of Vitamin B12

Obviously, to achieve success hard work is essential. To work hard, having a sound body is a crucial one. Leading a healthy lifestyle is not easy and involves multiple factors.

Completing a physical task, stay active and good physique all are the symbol of good health. But how many of us have all these qualities?

Importance of Vitamins

The maintenance of our body and mind depends on what types of food we consume?

The perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fibers, antioxidants, are offering enough amount of energy for our body.

As an essential nutrient, the vitamin is a very helpful one for the functionality of our overall body.

Building a strong bone, good functionality of eyes, lungs, and nerve systems are repaired through the essential intake of Vitamins.

Other than the vital functionalities growing tissues, regulating the growth and metabolism, and maintaining a strong immune system is need enough intake of vitamins.

Vitamins are generally categorized into two divisions. One is fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins.

  1. Vitamin A, D, E, and K are the fat-soluble vitamins which are used to absorb the fatty acids.
  2. There are nine vitamins that are categorized under the water-soluble vitamins namely B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 B12, and C.

All these vitamins are inevitable to build healthy body functionality. Among them, vitamin B12 gets some emphasis on other vitamins.

According to the research, Vitamin B12 is the only water-soluble vitamin that can be saved in the liver for many years. Vitamin B12 is a very precious vitamin mostly found in animal products like meat, egg, milk, fish, and so on.

Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

Adults and young people are often feeling tiredness, weight loss, loss of appetite, and nerve issues these problems occur with the imbalanced sources of Vitamin B12. So, enough intake of this cobalamin (VitaminB12) plays a vital role in our body.

  1. The normal function of the nerve system requires enough amount this vitamin.
  2. Improvisation of memory, red cell formation, and DNA synthesis are regulated with a B12 supplement.
  3. Well, consumption of B 12 at the time of pregnancy helps to avoid miscarriage and premature childbirth.
  4. The development of the brain, fetus, and proper nerve system of a child requires the proper intake of Vitamin B12 from the mother.
  5. An adequate Sources of Vitamin B12 offering healthy bone. A Powerpack of mineral in vitamin B12 provides enough density for bone.
  6. To avoid osteoporosis and its related issues sources of Vitamin B12 is primarily recommended by the physicians.
  7. The reduction of depression and improve serotonin production in our body. Omega -3 fatty acids and Vitamin b-12 are an effective source to improve memory on older adults.
  8. Sources of Vit B-12 is very essential for cell development. So, the proper intake of vitamin B12 offering healthy hair, nails, and skin.
  9. To avoid anemia, the intake of vitamin B-12 is very essential. Vitamin B-12 is the largest structurally complicated vitamin.

But it easily solvable in water and directly reach the bloodstream. The multiplication of red blood cells requires this vital vitamin B-12.

What are the Sources of Vit B12?

1. Fish (Fish Tissues are Rich in Vitamin)

While searching for the sources of Vitamin B-12 fishes are first in the list. Clams, Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel, Tuna, and Shrimp are the fish category that carries enough amount of Vitamin B12.

The daily intake of fish with limited ounce will offer enough energy for all age groups. Fish oil is another source of Vitamin B12 directly extracts from the tissue of fishes. For the best source of Omega – 3 fatty acids fish oil is the best resource.

2. Crab (Single Serves 84mg of Vitamins)

To get a good level of Vitamin B12 crab is one of the valuable resources that carry enough amounts of this vitamin. A single serving of crab gives a high amount of Vitamin B12 than other sources.

More than 84 micrograms of vitamin B12 can be consumed in a single serving of crab. Low-fat protein and Zinc are the essential nutrients that come along with Vitamin B-12.

For children and pregnant ladies is the recommending source of B-12.

3. Beef (Better Alternative of Fish)

Insufficiency of Vitamin B12 causes multiple defects in our body. Skin improvisation and better sleep and generation of tissues are required this essential vitamin supplement.

Beef is one of the essential food resources that contain a considerable amount of Vitamin B-12. Comparing to the various seafood, Beef is an easily affordable source for your health improvisation.

4. Cereals (Consume Cornflakes and Malt Daily)

The ready to eat cereals like Corn Flakes and Malt is carrying the essential source of Vitamin B-12. The people who are following the vegan diet can take these cereals as a primary supplement of vitamin B-12 than the meat and seafood.

More than 8 micrograms of Vitamin B12 are consumed in every serving of cereals and whole-grain intake. For the vegans and other people, These are easily available as well as food which costs only a minimum than the seafood.

4. Soy Milk (Drink a Cup of Soy Milk Daily)

Soy milk is the primary protein source as equal to cow milk. Low-level calories and all amount of saturated fat are the well-known benefits. More than that, Soy milk is best for the sources of Vitamin B-12.

A cup of soy milk can offer 86% daily value of Vitamin B-12. But due to its estrogen-like compound, less amount of intake is recommended one from the doctors.

5. Low-Fat Milk (Consume Skimmed Milk)

Milk is one of the excellent sources of vitamin B-12. A cup of milk contains 30% vitamin B-12 as a daily value nutrient.

The easy and fast absorption of Vitamin B12 is possible while takings milk rather than other forms of seafood or solid cereals. Low-fat milk is the best source and helps the elderly people to get enough amount of this vitamin.

6. Cheese (Add Cheese in Your Diet)

Cheese is a good source of Protein but many of us do not know it is one of the best sources of Vitamin B-12. More than ten types of cheeses are considered as a good resource of Vitamin B -12 in the vegetarian category.

The people who want to increase their daily intake of Vitamin B-12 can consume this Cheese. Especially the Swiss Cheese provides more level of Vitamin B-12 than other types of cheeses.

7. Egg (Don’t Forget Eggs)

Eggs are the best source of vitamin B-12. Most people consume eggs for their protein supplements. Other than that, Vitamin B-2 and Vitamin B-12 are the essential vitamins possess in this food.

Most of the people prefer egg white than the yolks. Actually, Egg yolks contain Vitamin B-12. Daily intake of egg offering a good level of B-12 with a daily volume of 46%.

8. Ham (Eat Ham Without Chemical Preservative)

Consumption of Ham is a good option for the improvisation of our immune system. Otherwise, good bone functionality requires this Ham.

While eating the Ham, consider the quality of this product and try to pick the ham without any addition of chemical preservatives. Most of the people just avoid the ham for its chemical preservative.

9. Coconut Milk (Drink a Cup of Milk Daily)

Coconut milk is a traditional food that carries the low-fat content with the addition of Vitamin-B-12. Generally, this Vitamin is mostly found on poultry and meat items.

Besides, only a few plant-based ingredients are offering this Vitamin B-12. One of them is Coconut milk. For the vegan can consume more level of vitamin B-12 from coconut milk rather than other meat foods.

10. Almond (Take Five Almonds a Day)

Almond is one of the best sources of vitamins, especially in the seed and nut category. Getting the prescribed amount of Vitamin B-12 is an essential source to reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues.

Almonds are the few vegetarian supplements offering enough volume of B-12. So, pregnant ladies and older people can consume a cup of almonds in their food diet.

11. Oats (Add Oats in Your Breakfast Menu)

Oat is one of the natural sources of vitamin B-12. Many suggest poultry products for enough intake of vitamin B-12. This vitamin is also found in oats with a sufficient level.

For the breakfast with oats is the best way to maintain your regular diet as well as increase the daily intake of vitamin B-12.

Comparing to the seafood oats offering a minimal amount of B-12 but vegans can consume oat as the best Vitamin B-12 supplement.

12. Cashew (Take a 100gms of Cashew Nuts Daily)

The serving of Vitamin B-12 comes with the forms of the lightly salted and mixed level of nuts. But the preservation method of nuts and other food items can harm your health.

So, just avoid them for the goodness of your health. 100 grams of cashew intake offer 0.18 grams of calories which contain Vitamin B-12 as an essential part. So, people prefer this nut for their proper intake of Vitamin B-12.

Other Sources of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 supplements are generated in both natural and artificial ways.

While the Vitamin B12 contains the methylcobalamin molecule components this means this vitamin B-12 directly occurs in natural sources like plants, animals, seeds, and other plant-relating sources.

But, cyanocobalamin is a different molecule which structured as a synthetic form of vitamin B12. Generally, it not available at natural resources.

The consumption or the dosage of the tablet needs a direct prescription from the physician.

13. Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional Yeast is considered as a food product comes in the form of flakes or powder Nutritional yeast comes with multiple vitamins and Minerals.

Vitamin B12 is a very essential source that can be made as an artificial source in the form of tablets and powders.

The vegan diet followers can consume this form of supplements and resources than the sea and poultry foods. so, start your diet with this yeast!

14. Marmite

Marmite is a salt food paste and frequently used food ingredient, a very famous among the Britishers. It is the most and essential form of vitamin B12 that comes in the form of Yeast.

A 5 gram Marmite contains nearly 50% of Vitamin B-12. It is the extracted ingredient used as a famous vegan source of Vitamin B-12.

With the combination of cereals and placing it as a morning breakfast compensate for the daily requirement sources of Vitamin B12.

15. Duck Weed

Duckweed is a famous water plant and renowned as one of the best sources of Vit B-12. Duckweed is a natural and freshwater plant that will not grow in a home aquarium.

Using this water plant offers a considerable volume of vitamin through the bioactive resource Parabel is presenting the duckweed. In the vegetable market, this plant is sold under the name of water lentils.

16. Redbull

Redbull is a renowned Vitamin B-12 food supplement and it contains only the vegan products. So, all people can consume this drink as the best vitamin supplement.

This energy drink is a popular one in all around the world. Sugar-free red bulls are the best supplement for all. There is nothing wrong while taking these supplements. But chronic patients and heart patients need their doctor’s advice.


Most of the vegan people are not getting enough B12 vitamin by their typical food style. Actually, we need more B12 as we grow.

But most of the adults simply avoiding the intake of this vitamin without knowing its importance in our daily needs.

Without this vitamin source, the formation of DNA, red blood cells, and immune system lacking its proper functionality.

An adult needs to take 2.4 mcg of B12 from their daily food intake. As per age and other medication can change this B12 ratio.

So, before consumption get proper advice from your physician.

There are multiple sources that are reliable to fulfill the vitamin B-12. Luckily, there are multiple forms of energy drink and powders are now available at the market to buy the products.

So, the sources of Vitamin B-12 is now available for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people.

All the above-mentioned resources are helping people to get their essential vitamins. Taste your healthy life with essential nutrients and stay long!

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