How to Make Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss and Detox?

Are you the one worried about your big size pouch and drinking habits? Are you the one avoided by people for these things? Then this article may surely prove a source of enlightenment for you.

It may help you to deal with these problems in a much more sensible and scrupulous way. Nowadays obesity and addictions are very common.

People really don’t know how to have a control over these things. Their social circle becomes limited as people are more likely to stay away from them.

smoothie recipes

Their life becomes aimless as they have no specified direction.

There are certain steps and tips and smoothie recipes for detox and weight loss.

You might be thinking that why I have mentioned smoothie recipes? Its because smoothies can help you.

Using smoothie recipes for detox and weight loss can provide you quick and beneficial results. But first of all, I shall discuss both of these problems with their causes and effects.

Why Smoothie Recipes for Detox and Weight Loss?

Let us discuss this further in this article. We shall begin with Obesity, Food habits etc.



Obesity is known as the condition in which excess fat is accumulated on our body.

This condition is very common nowadays, especially in Asian countries.

Its because people here are too desirous of foods. Yes, mostly spicy and oily foods which are the main cause of obesity.

Many of the people unable to deal with obesity use weird and whimsical ways to lose weight and end up being more fat.

This problem dealt with the right way with a proper plan can surely slim them.

Causes of Obesity

First of all, I shall discuss the causes of this problem:

1. Love for foods

This is the leading cause of obesity. There are people around us who love to eat whatever is served to them.

These are the food lovers who live only for eating meals. It seems that the sole aim of their life is to eat, eat and eat continuously.

This carelessness and avarice for food cause them to be obese.

2. Sluggishness

People who are usually lazy may also grow fat. Their living style and sluggish habits are responsible for the outward growth of their tummies.

It includes few or no exercises, sleeping for more than 12 hours etc.

3. Stress

Many people when stressed resort to overeating. They think that eating more viciously will reduce their stress.

It may or may not reduce stress but surely enlarges their weight.

Effects of Over Eating

Over Eating

People with big abdomen may have to face adverse effects. Some of them are listed below:

1. Inferiority complex

Obese people when seeing slim ones feel inferior. They start to compare the size of their tummy with the latter ones.

They may try to stay away from them to remove this complex.

2. Criticism

Fat people have to face a lot of criticism. Some people mock them while some hideously try to show sympathy for them.

Sometimes it looks like that their obesity has become the talk of the town.

Admit that You are Obese

Before discussing how to lose weight, you have to admit that you are fat. Don’t be the one who looks confused while facing the mirror.

The one who is like “Am I fat? No, it’s fine. People who call me fat just want to demotivate me”.

I advise that you don’t need to rely on people’s comments. But at least be a little bit of judgmental with yourself.

After you think, you are fat then proceed towards the ways of weight loss.

Only then you can use treatments e.g. smoothie recipes for detox and weight loss.

It is not Going to be Easy!

After you have realized about your obesity, keep on thing in mind. It’s not going to be easy at all as it will cost a lot.

It will require patience and determination as your favorite foods may try to lure you.

Sizzling and crispy pakoras and samosas may hallucinate you but with firm steadfastness, you can keep them away from yourself.

Tips and Product to Lose Weight

A number of foods (including fruits and vegetables ), diets, and tips are available for the people who want to lose weight.

Many artificial products are also available in the market but they cause more harm and less benefit. Smoothie recipes, I will discuss later as we can make smoothie recipes for detox and weight loss both.

So its advisable that you don’t try those artificial products. Now let us discuss these ones by one with brief details:

Foods (including fruits and vegetables)

Many natural homemade meals, fruits, and vegetables can make you slim. These products are less costly, have almost no side effects and easily available everywhere.

1. Fruits

There are many fruits provided by nature to reduce weight loss.

1.1. Watermelon

A fruit usually enjoyed in the scorching heat of summer also reduces weight. It has the maximum percentage of water and is low in calories.

Fewer calories mean less weight, so be sure to enjoy it.

1.2. Avocado

Avocado is a fruit which is actually a gift of nature for us. It has vitamins, low calories and many other nutrients in it.

It is very beneficial for hair, skin and of course losing weight.

2. Vegetables

Nature has also given us precious vegetables. They contain fibers, vitamins, and many other nutrients.

They have fewer calories and so are beneficial for obese people. Some of the vegetables are discussed below:

2.1. Fresh Carrots

Carrots are considered good for eyesight but they are also beneficial for losing weight. Carrots are a source of roughage ( fibers ) and carotenes.

They can be eaten as boiled, unboiled or simply as the salad. Have you seen how thin Chinese people are? Its because boiled carrots are a regular part of their meals.

2.2. Green leaf Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are almost found everywhere. They contain fibers and have almost no or very few fats. So consuming them on a regular basis can help you remove your obesity.

3. Meat

Meat, which is frequently blamed for many health problems can actually be good if taken in the right amount.

The red meat contains proteins necessary for the growth of children.

The latest research has shown that consuming red meat within a proper capacity can actually help you reduce weight.

4. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are usually more costly but some can be bought at a low price. They contain a whole set of nutrients and may prove an amulet for obese people.

Almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts etc. are all filled with low calories. So eating them once in a week or even a month can help you in losing the considerable amount of weight.

5. Soups

Hot and sour soups usually taken to provide warmth to our bodies also contain low fats.

A greater variety of soups e.g. chilly soup, chicken soup etc. are known, so you can grab any of them.

With less weight, they will also provide you a good sour taste.

Strict Diets to Reduce Weight

Many of the people resort to strict diets to lose their body weight. Many diets can be adopted, for example, Atkins or Vegan diets but they require full concentration and a large sum of money.

I don’t recommend those because when nature has provided you such a gift, why look for such painful and costly ways?

Tips to Reduce Weight

Now after you have taken above mentioned natural foods, be sure to carry out these tips they will help to keep you reduced weight within a narrow range.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is needed for the strengthening of your muscles and good physique. You don’t need to torture yourself for sure by lifting dumbbells or joining the gym initially. You may take a walk in the morning or play outdoor games.


Remember, everything takes times. You cannot expect to lose 3 or 4 kilos just in a week. You have to be patient and calm to reduce your weight.

With patience and using the right foods ( e.g. weight loss drinks ) will surely produce good results.


Detoxing Body Toxins

Detox-a word which has many different definitions. Most commonly it is defined as a way to remove toxins (e.g. drugs, alcohol or cigarettes ) from our body.

Today, many teenagers and youngsters unknowingly fall a prey to drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. In this age of immaturity, they start to take these things to amuse themselves.

Things started for amusement become a regular habit. Though they want to get rid of these toxins, yet they start to become the requirement of their bodies.

Here, I shall discuss some of the causes, effects, and treatments of these things:

Causes of Intake of Toxins

1. Poor Parenting

Many of the youngsters use drugs when they don’t have a good or a strong relationship with their parents.

They start to think that their parents don’t comprehend or care for them. In this way, they start to take drugs to forget these negative feelings.

2. Mental Pressure

Many people start taking alcohol or drugs when they feel some mental pressure. They start to think of these toxins as the only way to provide relief to their body.

3. Fun

Some idiots take drugs just for fun and adventure. They know that they are not good for health, yet they take them to JUST TRY ONCE.

This one tries then become a constant and a regular habit of them.

Effects Of Toxins

These toxins have adverse effects on our bodies

1. Damaged Metabolism

These things interfere with the internal metabolism of our body. As a result, you may have to deal with many diseases.

2. Destruction of Social Life

These things may also destroy or damage your social contacts. People may start to refrain from you or simply avoid you.


There are some treatments ( including weight loss shakes and weight loss drinks ) available for those people who want to get out of this shit:


Cupping is defined as the removal of toxins by inserting a cup. In this treatment, a slight cut is made and then a cup is placed over it.

The cup then collects the harmful wastes.

Rehabilitation Centers

These are the centers where addicts are taught to control their thirst for these toxins.

Counselors and experts encourage these addicts through different exercises and treatments.

Top 10 Smoothie Recipes for Detox and Weight Loss

Smoothie Recipes

Now here is the most important part of this article. Smoothies, cocktails, and juices are almost taken and liked by everyone.

Smoothie recipes for detox and weight loss require less money. Taking them can actually help in reducing weight and toxins from your body.

Here is a list of these smoothies

1. Banana Smoothie Recipes

The banana smoothie is a good source of reducing weight.


Just add some bananas to milk, shake it and its ready. This smoothie will also help you as a detox as a purifier for blood.

2. Blueberry Smoothie Recipes

Blueberries are rich in nutrients and their smoothie is very beneficial. It helps in the proper metabolism of our body and weight loss.


Take some fresh blueberries, milk and some bananas. Shake them and then just take it in.

3. Chocolate Smoothie Recipes

Smoothie diets are not only healthy but tasty as well. There will be roughly any person who doe not like chocolate.

Chocolates can actually make you slim. A research shows that monthly a chocolate can actually make you more efficient.


Take some chunks of chocolate, of course, milk and some avocado. Grind these ingredients and enjoy this tasty yet healthy recipe.

4. Carrot juice

Carrot juice is very beneficial for detox. It contains many nutrients and vitamins. It also helps in the purification of blood.


Thankfully you don’t need milk for this one. Just grind some carrots and drink the juice. So, you see its just as simple as it looks!

5. Watermelon Juice

This smoothie is a source of freshness and weight loss.


Cut watermelon into fine pieces. Grind them after removing the seeds and then refresh your self with this fine juice.

6. Banana- Yogurt Smoothie Recipes

This smoothie is the same as above but contains yogurt instead of milk. With yogurt, it will be a little thick and it will give you the desired results.


Just add yogurt instead of milk.

7. Banana Oatmeal Smoothie Recipes

Taking natural product for smoothie cleanse is a lot more advantageous. Taking smoothie recipes for detox and weight is too easy and convenient.

Now here’s another smoothie for weight loss. Oats are rich in many nutrients, so their use can provide much better results.


Tae some bananas, oats and some milk ( almond milk is better ). Grind them. You may also use cinnamon, if you want to, for dressing.

8. Oreo Milkshake

Oreo which is rich in sugars can actually make you slim if taken in small amounts.


Add Oreo, almond milk and shake. You may also add some beans on the top to make it more appetizing. But remember to take it only once every two months.

9. Spinach Smoothie Recipes

Green shakes for weight loss are very trending nowadays. They may taste sour but will prove helpful to you.

One of the most common green shakes for weight loss is spinach smoothie. Spinach is a very good source of fibers.

This recipe is specifically for those who don’t like spinach in raw form.


With spinach and milk, you can also add some fruits .g banana or apple to make it be able to drink.

10. Almond Butter Smoothie Recipes

Smoothie cleanse is usually without any side effects as the products are from natural sources e.g. almond smoothie.

This smoothie is very sweet and tasty. It can help you a lot in detoxification of harmful products.


Take some butter, 5 to 10 almonds and one cup of milk. Shake and enjoy this lovely smoothie!

11. Grapefruit Smoothie Recipes

Grapefruits are also known to reduce a lot of weight. Though the color of grapefruit smoothie may look frightening to some, but actually is beneficial.

Engulfing some shots of this smoothie can surely reduce a lot of weight. This is one of the easiest smoothie recipes for detox and weight loss.


Add some grapes, milk and some other fruits (if you want less green color ). Shake these and take it in your stomach.


Now you see, nature has provided you with such helpful things.

Using smoothie recipes for detox and weight loss with patience and firmness will surely extract the better result.

After some months, you will be the one whom people will contact to get tips folks or a good looking nice physique.

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