A Common Low Carb Diet Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle

Introduction For Low Carb Diet and Its Guidelines

On a typical day, many people often go to the office for more than 8 hrs a day, where they sit all the time.

This results in lots of health issues such as back pain, sugar, cholesterol, aging problem etc.  A low carb diet gives them the best solution as what doctors say?

In this article, we shall discuss about No Carb Foods, low carbohydrate diet plan for kids, youngsters, working people, and elders.

low carb diet

What is Diet and Why should we follow?

Diet are foods that are low in fats, low in sugars and rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Usually, people think that diet is a plan for weight-loss or weight gain, but diet is nothing but the type and amounts of food and nutrients we eat.

A healthy Diet includes the following


Fruits are highly rich in nutrition, and as far as taste is concerned, everyone loves fruits.

You should always choose seasonal fruits as you can easily buy at less cost and the seasonal fruits are fresh to consume.

Though fruits are high in sugar, but since it is natural, it is quite good for health.

But if you are having diabetes, then avoid fruits to some extent.


Vegetables are the important diet for a healthy life as it contains all important proteins and nutrients.

Dark leafy greens should be included in your meals often because it retains your energy and stamina and keeps you fit.

You can eat a variety of vegetables that are highly rich in minerals

Few vegetables you can include are spinach, broccoli, green beans, cabbage, swiss chard and bottle guard etc.


Whole grains are rich in nutrition and should be taken in meals.

We should avoid white bread and pastas, which are not healthy, instead choose whole grain products.


For proper muscle and brain development, we should consume meats which are highly rich in proteins.

Chicken, beef, and mutton are the best options, but remove unnecessary fats in meats by removing its skin.

You can also include protein from nuts which has many other health benefits.

Some of the protein-rich food include egg, peas, lentils, walnuts, almonds, tofu etc.


Dairy products should be included in your diet daily as they are high in Calcium and Vitamin D and other nutrients.

They are also major sources of fat, so choose fat-free dairy products.


Oils are essential for providing you energy for life as it contains essential fatty acids.

You can use olive oils for better results than using vegetable oils and also avoid deep-fried items to the maximum.

Fruits, Vegetables, grains, proteins, dairy and oils are the essential source of healthy diet.

How to Plan a Healthy Diet?

Plan a Healthy Diet

When planning a healthy diet, you should be very cautious in choosing your food.

Follow the below steps to get into a healthy living:

1. Choose Your Diet

When opting for a diet, identify the variety of foods that can help you in a balanced diet.

You can choose the food that you love.

The major people quit their healthy diet because they choose the food they do not like.

You can change the diet plan as per your taste and likings.

Try to make your diet healthier by including food rich in all minerals, proteins and other essentials.

Use fresh ingredients in making food as it will taste good.

2. Change Eating Habits Gradually

Changing eating habits should be a gradual process and if you try changing suddenly, you will feel different unnecessary changes in your body.

Try adding small portions of the new food items to your eating, for an example, you can swap from vegetable oil to olive oil.

These changes will bring great changes in your healthy life.

Gradually your diet will turn into a healthy one.

3. A Healthy Diet Will Change Your Look

Everybody wants a perfect physique.

The ultimate goal of a healthy diet is to look good and have a risk free life.

This does not mean that you should be strict with your diet and get rid of items you love.

Try to add healthy food to your eating habits and make it regular to have changes in your physique.

4. Avoid Junk Foods

As you have opted for diet, you should avoid junk foods as it is the enemy of diet.

Though it may tempt you and you feel difficulty in cutting the junk foods from your routine.

But you may reduce it gradually.

Tips for Healthy Low Carb Diet

  • Chew your food rather than swallowing.
  • Feel the taste and texture of the food and enjoy eating.
  • This process will avoid over-eating.
  • You should avoid eating while watching TV and working on the computer, which results in overeating.

Technology Growth and Its Effect on Health

Technology Makes us Lazier

Well everybody is nowadays working nearly 8 hours on desktop or laptops.

As the technology grows, people tend to become lazier.

We know that with the emerge of Smartphones, people have stopped talking with families and friends.

They are fully involved in Smartphones that they do not get the right diet.

Even children have become lazy and do not go outside to play as they play games and watch videos which eventually affect their health benefits.

With technology growth, people get various diseases at a very young age.

They get back pain, BP, sugar and other due to unhealthy eating habits.

So we have to ensure our health though we have technology growth.

Low Carb Diet Plan

What is a low carbohydrate diet plan?

A low carb diet plan is one that limits a person’s consumption of foods that are high in carbohydrates.

To be on a low carb diet plan, an individual has to get rid of sugars, flour, rice, and potatoes from their diet to get results.

Let us see 4 different low carb diet plan for all ages:

1. Low Carb Diet Plan for Kids (0-13 yrs)

There are 3 food groups which can be given to kids: grains and cereals, milk and milk products, fruits and vegetables.

Grains and cereals may include Wheat, sooji, bread slice, poha, idli, and dosa.

Milk and Milk products may include curd, paneer, tofu, and cheese.

Egg and meat can be included.

Fruits and vegetables include Apple, berries, carrot and peas.

Some quick diet plan for kids :

  1. Wraps with Chappathi and paneer/tofu or cheese.
  2. Sandwitch with vegetables
  3. Poha with vegetables
  4. Egg omelette with chappathi
  5. Boiled egg with bread toast.

2. Low Carb Diet Plan for Adults (13-22 yrs)

Normally adults are fit enough as they are little active, but they fail to take the necessary diet.

They can include following things in their diet:

  1. Meat such as chicken, beef and fish high in proteins.
  2. Eggs can be taken either as an omelette or boiled agg.
  3. Take diary product to get calcium and minerals.
  4. Keep yourself hydrated and drink beverages.
  5. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits as much as you can.

3. Low Carb Diet Plan for Working Male and Female (22+ yrs)

As far as working male and female are concerned, they are tend to be in the same sitting position for long.

This will result in obesity and health problems.

At the very young age, people gets affected by the back pain problem.

Drink fresh juices and keep yourself hydrated.

Take green vegetables in your diet which is must to increase your stamina and brain development.

4. Low Carb Diet Plan for Elders (40+)

As soon as we reach 40+, all forms of diseases haunts us. This is due to improper diet structure.

Unhealthy eating right from the beginning of age will make you fit for ever.

Elder people should say no to juices, beverages, sugar, white flour, rice, white bread etc.

Green leaves is the most healthy diet for elder people, also they can use the natural sweetener like honey for taste.

Elder people should be more cautious in the case of diets.

Low carb diet is really effective for all age groups.

If followed from an early age, you will get better results.

Importance of Low Carb Diet

Everyone wants to lose weight fast. And as a result, many of us use shortcuts and diet plan to lose weight.

Low carb diet plan is one of the famous diet plan opted by many.

It has shown proven results and many are following.

Everyone should follow proper dieting to maintain your body and mind fit.

In this busy life, many fail to have a proper diet and as a result, they get affected by various disease such as BP, sugar etc.

A good diet plan will contain the following information

  1. A good diet will get you mentally motivated and boost up to start or continue your new way of eating.
  2. It will contain a list of recipes. Usually a weeks breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, which is perfect.
  3. After the list of recipes, a diet plan that will keep you motivated, and provide some tips and tricks on how to keep your body more fit

We know that carbohydrates are not good for health. They cause insulin levels in our bodies to raise leaving us tired .

These should be avoided or eaten very sparingly as they over processed food.


Fruits and vegetables are commonly not taken on many low carbohydrate diet plan menus.

Fruits are higher in sugar and hence not included in most of the low carb diet plan.

Fruit also supplies much needed vitamins, minerals and fiber to the body.

When you have planned for a diet, you should first control yourself from Junk food.

As a conclusion, we should use a proper diet plan with proper planning and a regular exercise will do the wonders of the diet.

Avoid junk foods and cool drinks at the maximum. Eat more fruits and vegetables to stay healthy with a smile!!!

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