Depression: What are the signs, causes and symptoms?

  • September 6, 2020
  • / By Abdul Aziz

Hello Everyone,

This is my very first post on this blog. Today I am going to write about the two most common growing problems among the people, which was, Depression and Alcohol.

Many people were affected due to depression because of the alcohol consumption and other biological changes such as irregular sleep, appetite, work pressure and tension etc.

Alcohol abuse is the very common cause of depression in the society, particularly for men who begin as a social drinker.

Many times depression is hidden somewhere inside us and grow like a plant with our body and slowly start eating us.

If we don’t diagnose the cause at the right time, it may lead to severe damages to the individual life.


What is Depression?

It is defined as the state of psychological disturbance associated with a prolonged period of feeling sad, lonely, hopeless. Sometimes it may trigger the neural sense to attend suicide.

There are many forms of depression categorized based on the different age group of people during their span of life.

Some people have severely been affected but the actual root cause was not identifiable, but most of the suspected cases are due to alcohol consumption.


Causes of Depression:

Depression was caused due to external impacts such as job tension, work pressure, and other environmental factors such as pollution, food, and water.

Other factors such as genetic vulnerability, life stressors, food supplement substances (some medications, drugs, and alcohol) are the possible ways to cause depression.

It may affect the person severely and can cause several damages to the person’s personal and professional life, finally lead to suicide.

Generally, depression is just a common condition and it occurs one in every 15 people during their late teens, at the age of mid-20s.

Our education system is also a worst case to be considered as the primary cause of depression in many students and youngsters.

Some people may prone to depression which may arise because of their family history that makes the person suffering from depression.


How do you get Depressed?

Depression affects people of any age, economic condition, situation, and location. One common man/woman may easily get depressed due to the factors which I mentioned above.

There is no one common reason for a person to get depressed, but most of the factors are highly correlated to our body biological changes which cause depression.

Biological changes mean the external factors which alter our brain chemistry, and induce hormonal changes leads to mental depression.


Type of Depression:

Psychotic depression: This is caused due to some form of psychosis including audio and video hallucinations or having a strong belief on super-natural existences.


Depressive depression: Sufferers experience very severe symptoms related to their body functions.

Persistent Depressive Disorder: This is caused because of the sudden change in the mood because of due to sudden shock happened somewhere in the past.

If the patient has been in the depression for more than 2 years, then it is so called persistent depressive disorder.


Postpartum Depression: This is a form of depression caused by the physical hormonal changes in the body associated with pregnancy or when holding new responsibilities in their life.

Women are mostly affected due to this depression in the few weeks or months caused by the childbirth. A proper counseling and medication with antidepressants can help to treat this type of depression.


Bipolar Disorder: The state of a condition where sufferers mind changes its state more frequently. An alternate mental conditions related to periods of depression and manic.

Manic means, “the state of mood episodes at high energy (wild)” and low energy is called as depressive periods.


Seasonal Effective disorder: This normally happens during the winter months, when days are shorter and nights are longer.

This state of depression is caused due to alteration in brain chemistry because of seasonal changes.


Symptoms of depression:

  • Always showing less interest in any work.
  • Feeling sad and lonely.
  • Lack of energy and tiredness.
  • Does not able to concentrate and focus.
  • Always looking anger.
  • Short tempered and fatigue.
  • Decreased activity and productivity.
  • Always feeling sleepy.


Harmful effects of depression:

Depression is a state of mental illness and not only it will affect you morally but physically it leads to various other diseases and injury.

It also leads to economic losses due to less work concentration, inefficiency in completing tasks, and finally suicidal related expenses.

It detaches you from your family and friends, even from workplace often creates more problems in your everyday life cycle.


The relation between Alcohol and Depression:

Whenever you feel depressed, you should take proper treatment under a healthy medical practitioner. Both the depression and the alcohol are closely correlated to each other.

If someone affected by depression was not properly diagnosed, they may turn to alcohol as a solution.

They consider the sedative effects of the alcohol as a kind of medication to treat their depressive state and helps them feel better and to relieve sadness.

Most people were addicted to the deadly alcohol consumption because of the cause of depression in their lifestyle.

They don’t know that alcohol has an opposite effect which will add up negatively disturbing their life cycle.

Consuming more times of alcohol in a day turns your body and the mind to become addicted to the alcohol. It increases the severity and the duration of the depressive episodes.

Drinking alcohol may relieve you from the state of beginning depressive temporarily but ultimately leads to severe other worst conditions on a long-term basis.

Alcohol not only affects your personal health but it also threatens your beloved ones, dependants and other relatives and friends that are even worse than depression.

Continued drinking of alcohol may affect your brain function and disturb other chemical reactions in the body, later turn into the prime cause of your depression.


Ill effects of alcohol consumption:

It’s a myth that alcohol heals the depression but consuming alcohol on a regular basis will lead to lost physical abilities followed by the serious addiction.

It will give you temporary relief from being depressive but consuming alcohol simply compounds the depression over time.

It even leads to genetic disorders and oscillating mental conditions accompanied by feeling more depressed.


How to treat depression?

Once you have been diagnosed as being in the state of depression, take antidepressants to manage the conditions but never choose alcohol for treatment.

Alcohol may give you a temporary relaxation from being depressive, but it increases the chances of greater depression when you becoming addicted to alcohol.

You can’t stop alcohol consumption suddenly as it may lead to other potentially life-threatening deadly diseases.

A proper medical attention is needed to stop drinking, if not it will lead to physical disabilities.

The first treatment for depression was taking proper antidepressant medication prescribed by the specialists.

These medications help you to alter your brain chemistry thus helps to stabilize moods and stop from further concurrent depression and alcoholism.

Some medications will be active that you may observe its effect immediately usually within a week or two, often some medications will take months to bring the change.

Antidepressants are only used to treat depression and help to maintain body metabolism in a stable state artificially, but remember it is not a cure.

The sufferer should take concurrent therapy sessions to address lifestyle problems and develop knowledge to handle such occasions without feeling depressed.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) is the highly effective treatment to treat depression.

It only treats depression but also it is proven very effective in alcohol treatments.


How to cure depression naturally?

Being depressed is a state of moral condition, where you may observe most behavioral changes in your physical activity, lifestyle activity and the way of your thinking.

There are some possible natural remedies are there to help stay healthy whenever you feel depressed.

1.) Engage in daily routine: The study shows that people who always involved in a daily routine were less prone to depression. So next time, when you feel depressed, find a routine and start doing.


2.) Set goals: Everyone is having a dream, and to achieve your dream, you should set a goal. Goals may be short-term goal, long-term goal etc.
Whenever you feel worse, set a short-term goal and concentrate on your work.


3.) Morning Exercise: When you woke every day, don’t forget to do exercise as this will help you to be healthy both physically and mentally.
Regular exercise stimulates your nerves thus transforming you to be more energetic and healthier.


4.) Healthy Diet: Unhealthy and skipped meals are also a major cause of depression and hence following a proper healthy diet often reduces the cause of depression.

Do not skip meals, do not over-eat, say no junk foods are some of the best treatment that could help ease depression.


5.) Enough Sleep: A child needs 15HRs of sleep everyday similarly a middle-aged human needs at least 6Hrs of sound sleep every day.

Due to this fast lifestyle, many people often don’t care about their sleep regularities which will slowly increase the state of depression.


6.) Feel Positive: If you can able to control your brain, then you are sure to fight against depression. Whenever you feel terrible, think about a logical thought to change your mood.

Avoid negative thoughts and always strive to find the positive thinking’s and boost yourself to become productive and qualitative.


7.) Change your environment: Often working on the same thing for a long period of time also causes feeling depressed. When you feel depressed, diver your concentration on what you like the most.

Read books, go out for a walk to get fresh air, talk to your friends are some of the ways you can try. These alter your brain’s chemical behavior thus giving your relief from depression.



Both depression and alcoholism can extremely worsen on any person. It not only affects your personal health, but the worst part is that it will disturb your entire network.

I have mentioned the common causes of depression and the only natural solution is to develop our personal skills to tackle depressive moments effectively and positively.

However, for people who are not able to manage their emotions, often proper medication is the best solution to treat both disorders simultaneously.

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