Depression among youths: How to diagnose the various causes?

  • September 6, 2020
  • / By Abdul Aziz

The teenage life is a heaven in every human’s life which they will never get back once lost. Do you ever wonder to see some teenagers lose their teens due to depression among youths?

It is a part of the lifecycle where everyone will cross for a period of time. Of course, some of them may be looking irritable or unhappy adolescent.

This symptom is what being diagnosed as the state of being depressed and is also called as teen depression.

The recent research shows that one out of every eight teens has been in the state of depression.

But this can be treated as well as it may sometimes to leads to serious potential ill health hazards when un-treated or avoided diagnosing earlier.

In this article, I am going to discuss the various causes of depression among youths, solutions to avoid depression and other important aspects.


Depression among youths:

This is a kind of serious health problem which causes a persistent feeling of being lonely and sad thus leading to loss of interest in every activity.

It greatly affects the teenager from thinking, feeling healthier and stops from behaving like a normal man.

It increases being emotionally weak thus leading to decreased functional and physical problems.

Though they are many kinds of research going on to diagnose the various causes of depression among youths by many universities and Ph.D. scholars.

The depression can occur at any time in life and it is completely different from each one of them both physically and morally.


Why do adolescents get depressed?

In the olden days, adolescents were very much enjoying their life as there is no necessity to study hard, work hard to lead a normal life.

The people lived with nature, the establishment of a strong relationship, lots of communal program and events made them stress-free.

With the advancements in technology also invites different types of serious health hazards among most of the people.

Particularly, the teenagers mostly fell into prey to these health problems and the most common thing is depression.

Depressions among youths are caused by multiple reasons due to their academics, social relations, internal stress and physical stress and most importantly environmental changes.

There are many examples that show the state of being depressed such as feelings of worthlessness, and poor academic performance, and isolation with family members.

Whatever the cause, when friends and family or things that teens usually enjoys, don’t help them to improve their loneliness or isolation, there’s a good chance of getting into depression.



There are many signs of symptoms were observed after diagnosing various cases of the different teenager’s.

Among the different symptoms, the most common depression among youths was the change in their attitude and behavior caused by significant stress at school and colleges.

  • The changes in their emotional factor such as:
  • Feeling lonely even with their friends,
  • Feeling hopeless or nothing,
  • Less or no interest in all the activities,
  • Frustration, anger even on small matters,
  • Short tempered,
  • Feeling irritable even on a minor change,
  • Over-excitement or over depressive feeling,
  • Not able to concentrate on the classes,
  • Always felt disturbed by everything,
  • Not able to make any decisions,
  • Always remember the past and keep on worrying,
  • Blaming others and themselves every time,
  • Frequent thoughts of death, dying and suicide.

While these are the commonly observed symptoms of depression among youths, this also reflects in their behavioral changes.


Different Behavioural Changes:

  • Feeling sleepy any time,
  • Change in appetite leads to sudden weight loss or weight gain,
  • Using alcohol or other similar drugs,
  • Always feeling tired,
  • Seems to be sick or weakness,
  • Restlessness,
  • Slow thinking and speaking,
  • Frequent complaints of feeling body aches and headaches,
  • Poor performance in every activity,
  • Not showing interest to take responsibilities,
  • Social Isolation,
  • Self-harm – for an example, wounding them such as cutting, burning, piercing,
  • Making a suicide plan and attempting.

This is very difficult to easily diagnose the actual cause of depression among youths. The best way to easily tackle this problem is moving friendly with them and talking to them freely.


Causes of Depression:

Depression stat based on the age

Biological changes: Our body is full of blood and nerves, connecting every single part of our body with the central controlling unit called as Brain.

The brain controls every part of the body, their functions etc. This activity is called as biological changes that distribute various functional signals to other parts of your body.

When these changes are observed as abnormal or impaired, the default functions gets disturbed leading to depression.


Hormonal changes: This also affects our default functioning of the body and may act as a depression causing agent.


Inheritance: Some people often feel depressed caused by inheritance, that is, their blood relatives or their elders may have this condition.

Early Childhood Trauma: This is the most social abusing agent for the cause of depression among youths.

The traumatic events are described as physical or emotional abuse, loss of parent etc.


Communal changes: Depression also caused by the people around us, their negative thinking also affects us leading to depression.

It’s better to be with the positive thinking people to better avoid depression.


Health Risks:

Depression will not only affect your moral strength but it also disturbs your physical health conditions also.

There are many risks involved which are caused by the result of depression including:

  • Obesity, peer problems, long-term bullying caused by the negative issues.
  • Other ill conditions such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, personality disorder, etc.
  • Facing problems in learning, and concentration in the classes (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder).
  • Frequent falling as a witness of violence.
  • Depression among youths sometimes leads to physical disability.
  • It may lead to chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes or asthma etc.
  • It also forms the reason for being gay, lesbian or transgender in some environment.


Complications of depression among youths:

Some untreated conditions may lead to emotional and behavioral problems which will affect the physical health conditions also.

The most common types of complications are described as:

  • Alcohol and drug abuse,
  • Academic issues,
  • Conflicts between family members,
  • Sometimes anger causes difficulties in the relationship,
  • Suicide attempt.

The teen depression should not be left untreated even though it tends to come and go in episodes.

They may feel depressed for sometimes and get relieved after sometimes, but however, a proper medical attention is very necessary.

If it lets go untreated may lead to extremely serious health issues and even they prone to attempt suicide.


How to Prevent Depression?

There are so many agents that are causing depression among youths and you have seen so many ill hazards of being depressed.

Though in this current situation, one can easily get depressed due to any form of internal or external agents as we have studied in this article.

Every problem has some sort of solution like as what are the preventive measures to avoid being depressed?

We will see further in this section.

Take Proper Rest: Your body needs proper rest every day for the normal function of the body. A slight metabolism changes may lead to depression.

Take Stress Control Actions: Increase resilience and boost your inner abilities to handle hard situations effectively and positively.

Get Social: Try to reach out your friends and others in your community at the time of crisis.

Get Timely Medical Attention: Early diagnosing will be the best solution even for chronic diseases and hence it follows the same for depression too.


How do parents alleviate depression?

Prevent Depression

As said earlier, with the advancement in the technology and the changes in the lifestyle have badly affected the family ecosystem and biology.

In the olden days, people spent more time with their family and they were highly bond with each other, father, mother, son and daughter etc.

In countries like India, you can see all the family members unite together and live in a single home.

There is always a chance of more happiness thus it puts away loneliness among the family members.

But today, most families get separated and many people proudly saying we are a nuclear family, but they don’t understand the hidden risk behind.

Both the father and mother have to commute for a job to earn their living and this creates a large gap between their children.

Even when they come to the home in the evening they are going to sleep earlier because of tiredness and the stress due to their workplace.

Hence parenting teens have become a very challenging task and here we will see some effective parenting tips and techniques to tackle teen depressions effectively.

  1. Be friendly with your children and talk to them about their likes and dislikes, respect them. Don’t expect them to do exactly what you say all the time.
  2. Allow your teenager to do mistakes and make them learn from their mistakes. Overprotecting them will make them lose faith in their abilities.
  3. When disciplining, replace shame and punishments with positive reinforcements to develop good behavior.
  4. Punishing your children make them feel worthless and inadequate.
  5. Spend more time with them to understand their concerns, talk to them to make decisions and find them a way to overcome the problems.
  6. Do not order them what to do instead listen to them watch closely and discover their behavior.
  7. Monitor your teen’s activity, their friends, or other family members with whom they move closer and suggest your teen to talk to them more about his or her concerns.

These are the most important procedures that every parent should do to avoid depression among youths or their teens.



Depression doesn’t just affect the mind, but it also affects the normal functioning of the body leading to serious health issues.

There are many physical disorders such as erratic sleep habits, loss of appetite, muscle aches, headaches etc were diagnosed as the result of depression.

As a teen, they should also take some responsibility to avoid being depressed by doing meditation, involve themselves in other physical activities etc.


Whenever you feel lonely, make yourself comfortable with the person you feel more closely.

There are so many factors that cause depression among youths and it is hence therefore necessary to find and kill the weeds.

It is the responsibility of every people fo the community to fight against depression to bring in a healthy future for our next generation.


Thank you for your time to read my small research about depression among youths. If you feel worth reading this article, share a word with your friends and others.

Help to create a healthy environment. Sharing is caring.


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