Depression A Silent Killer – How people getting affected?

  • September 6, 2020
  • / By Abdul Aziz

In the olden days, people do not know about the word “depression”, “mental illness” because there were people who have a strong bond between each other.

This makes them feel free always and they were together everywhere and took part in all social and communal activities.

But the present technology world has brought up easiness in our life but at the same time, it brought depression, anxiety etc.

Every people in the society have been fighting with depression and anxiety at some stages which were seen as some form of weakness.


Depression and the Society:

All depression is not the same. There may be times when you feel sad, lonely or hopeless which may last only for few hours or few days.

You feel depressed only these times which are categorized as “Clinical Depression” which can be easily cured with proper treatment and medication.

These kinds of depression prevent you from doing day to day activities.

In addition to clinical depression, there is another kind which lasts for most of the days or weeks or for a certain period of two or three years.

This is mostly caused by the pressure that occurs due to various social responsibilities and if this kind of depression is left untreated, this may lead to life-threatening.

The various social responsibilities include family and friends, workplace tension etc. are the primitive cause of this major depression.

This kind of depression will turn out to be a most problematic factor and if it doesn’t respond to traditional medical and the psychological treatments, the affected person have no hope of recovery.


Depression – A Silent Killer:

You cannot spot a person without passing depression at some stage. Depression is a silent killer but many don’t diagnose in their early stages.

One common reason for the depression is changing humanism into materialism. Materialism isn’t linked to happiness ever and it never buys you peace.

On a wider scale, depression is recognized as the mental illness caused due to the material insecurity and some social pressures caused by the material.

Some people saying people are dysfunctional, but exactly the society and the social systems are.

We, people, suffer and experience pain due to the new cultural society. We are human beings, men, women, children and we are not machines that dysfunction.

Any society that produces such staggering rates of depressive humans is dysfunctional.

We should know the value of love and the affection, rather than concentrating on materialistic things such as Rank, Position, and Performance Recognition etc.

Our cultural systems have turned even worse that ignores and devalues the concept of love between the hearts.

When we do so, else we follow, we may be the victim of Depression – A Silent Killer.

Discuss with your soul, listen what it says, as those who suppress the voice of our soul, their depression arises.

Depression seeks our attention, and once we ready to put the care and the attention that it deserves, eventually, depression no longer exists.


How to tackle Depression?

There are various diagnostic procedures and treatments available, however, the first step is to find the reason for the cause.

Understanding what they are going through is the first part of diagnosis and then talk to them freely and friendly.

We live in the world where depression is categorized as just because of the illness caused by the materialistic thoughts.

But actually, there is something deeper inside which is the root cause. Firstly, our cultural values itself leads to depression.

One best example is,

Some religions think that the depression is caused due to the loss of faith towards the God and they thought this can be easily cured by prayers.

Some other framed reasons such as low energy, less motivation, distancing from the things you love are designated as a sign of depression.

There is a myth saying that the individual is being possessed by the evil spirit which is causing depression.

This is the most common thing is the South Asian countries where people suffering from depression or anxiety is because of supernatural influence.


Depression in Women:

women in depression

The depression is sort of mental illness which is being seen even worse among women.

Many women have simply kept herself silent and avoid talking about it with a fear that it would affect marriage prospects.

The cultural indemnities are also a crucial factor in treating depression among the women and other girls Childs.

The pressure that the family honor creates the biggest contribution towards the mental illness of the females.

Depression in Men:

Depression in men

The depression has not only dominated females but it also spreads over to the men belong to the same community.

The depression among the men is mostly linked to the understandings of masculinity, of patriarchy and feminism.

The boy children were not given freedom to choose what they like or travel beneath on what they want to become?

The parents bury their feelings and put pressure on them to do the things the parents like.

Also, the education is so remote that makes up the children to grow like a goat in the cattle, follow some principle and apply them later somewhere.

When the young men are forced to handle grief or a put into a difficult period in their life, they simply don’t know how to cope with it?

This often makes them choose the wrong path in their life which is the hidden effects of the depression.


How we lost our way?

The technological world has made many human activities nulled, else we live in the robotic world which makes us robotic in nature.

There is no vision in our life and many people lost their passion just to earn money, they follow or work for someone else.

If you want to be recognized, you should out-perform your office colleagues, this culture often leads to becoming depressive.

Because performing something more than our limit leads to putting more physical efforts and the mental efforts.

When you look at the IT professionals, they find very hard time to spend with their family, because they were forced to achieve the monthly target.

This sort of demands disturbs our emotional and psychological balance well beyond its comfort zone shows Depression – A Silent Killer.

Even married couples from IT sector, when you look at them, they often leave themselves disconnected, disenchanted and isolated due to different shifts and duties.

What this shows is, people tend to honor and seek materialistic acquisitions at the cost of devoting themselves and throwing away loving relationships.

If someone is losing their lovable relationship often feel depressed. The first starting stage of depression is the feeling that arises due to loneliness and isolated.

Office tensions, pressures, and monthly target typically makes us gets separated from our lovable relationships.

The funniest part is that many people living but actually they don’t know how to live well?

The people, who follow their passion for work and friends, and those who love their families and partners, never become depressed.

Keep in touch with your spirit, spend time for discussing the matters, and enjoy the sense of community don’t make you depressed.

Depression is not a disease neither isn’t the enemy, it’s simply a warning sign that shows us we are not in the right direction of our life.


How to fight again depression?

Feeling depressed can cause individuals to become hopeless and demotivated. They struggle to perform their regular routine works.

  1. The first step to fight against depression was by giving self-motivation and looking positivity in everything.
    This helps them to become dominion over one’s mind, soul, and the body.
  2. Life would bring certain periods of tough situation and events in every individual life, sadness is always a part of life at many times.
  3. When an individual experience such sadness, his/her friends, and family may support them by showing love and care to pass through the difficult times.
    Providing love and support is the most powerful weapon to fight against depression.
  4. If sometimes we feel of being depressive, we should catalyze positive changes inside us.
  5. Rather than sitting lonely and thinking about the things occurred, put yourself into some challenges.
  6. Diverting our concentration on other tasks makes us getting relief from being depressed.
  7. We should find a reason using our positive thoughts to overcome the stage of depression. Working through the loss is more healing than medicating the pain.



We need to create a healthy society where every individual should be given equal importance to come forward to discuss their problems.

Rather keeping all your feelings inside you, it’s better to find someone, discuss with them to find a solution.

Ignoring mental illness simply abandon your life, and hence it should be treated and attend on time earlier.

Depression – A Silent killer if not treated at the right time.

Thank you for your time to read my case study about how the society puts much pressure on every individual and make them feel depressed.

If you have something to discuss, feel free to use the comment section below.


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