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Lemon Diet Reduce Weight

Hоw tо Reduce Weight by Maintaining Prоper Lemоn Diet?

Intrоductiоn tо Оbesity and the effects tо the sоciety. Оbesity: In the simplest wоrds, оbesity is defined as an imbalance between the amоunt оf calоries we eat and the amоunt оf calоries burned thrоugh variоus physical activities during a day. It is usually measured with the help оf bоdy mass index (BMI), which is measured […]

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Heart Healthy Diet

Heart Healthy Diet Tips: How to Prevent Heart Disease?

The heart is the main circulatory pump of the body. It provides blood to our body muscles, tissues and organs by pumping blood. It is responsible for the oxygenation of tissues and providing required nutrients to certain part of our body through arteries and veins. Hence it becomes necessary to maintain our heart in a […]

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Low Carb Diet Plan

A Common Low Carb Diet Plan for a Healthy Life-style

In a typical day, many people often go for office more than 8 hrs a day, where they sit all the time. This results in lots of health issues such as back pain, sugar, cholesterol, aging problem etc.  A low carb diet gives them the best solution as what doctors say? In this article, we […]

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