Depression a silent killer

Depression A Silent Killer – How people getting affected?

In the olden days, people do not know about the word “depression”, “mental illness” because there were people who have a strong bond between each other. This makes them feel free always and they were together everywhere and took part in all social and communal activities. But the present technology world has brought up easiness […]

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depression among youths

Depression among youths: How to diagnose the various causes?

The teenage life is a heaven in every human’s life which they will never get back once lost. Do you ever wonder to see some teenagers lose their teens due to depression among youths? It is a part of the lifecycle where everyone will cross for a period of time. Of course, some of them […]

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Depression Signs Causes Symptoms

Depression: What are the signs, causes and symptoms?

Hello Everyone, This is my very first post on this blog. Today I am going to write about the two most common growing problems among the people, which was, Depression and Alcohol. Many people were affected due to depression because of the alcohol consumption and other biological changes such as irregular sleep, appetite, work pressure […]

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