health benefits of turmeric

22 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Know the different health benefits of Turmeric:   Nature has a treasure of things which provide us cure, medication and a new life. There are many natural items and raw materials which we use frequently to add flavors to our boring lives. One of the natural treatment is Turmeric. Turmeric is actually a spice which […]

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Lemon Diet Reduce Weight

Hоw tо Reduce Weight by Maintaining Prоper Lemоn Diet?

Intrоductiоn tо Оbesity and the effects tо the sоciety. Оbesity: In the simplest wоrds, оbesity is defined as an imbalance between the amоunt оf calоries we eat and the amоunt оf calоries burned thrоugh variоus physical activities during a day. It is usually measured with the help оf bоdy mass index (BMI), which is measured […]

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Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin B12: Based on Science

Vitamins are very essential for every human body, and in this article, let me explain to you about the health benefits of vitamin B12. The human body needs energy for its proper functioning and as like machines, it also needs proper fuel for its stability and metabolism. The fuels for the human body are mainly […]

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Heart Healthy Diet

Heart Healthy Diet Tips: How to Prevent Heart Disease?

The heart is the main circulatory pump of the body. It provides blood to our body muscles, tissues and organs by pumping blood. It is responsible for the oxygenation of tissues and providing required nutrients to certain part of our body through arteries and veins. Hence it becomes necessary to maintain our heart in a […]

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Smoothie Recipes

How to make Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss and Detox?

Are you the one worried about your big size pouch and drinking habits? Are you the one avoided by people for these things? Then this article may surely prove a source of enlightenment for you. It may help you to deal with these problems in a much more sensible and scrupulous way. Nowadays obesity and […]

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Improve your mental health

20 quick and easy tips to improve your mental health

Every people in the society were running constantly to make money for their survival. But, they forgot to maintain their mental health. People should care both of their physical health and mental health for their improved living. In this article, let us discuss about how to improve your mental health by maintaining a proper diet, […]

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Low Carb Diet Plan

A Common Low Carb Diet Plan for a Healthy Life-style

In a typical day, many people often go for office more than 8 hrs a day, where they sit all the time. This results in lots of health issues such as back pain, sugar, cholesterol, aging problem etc.  A low carb diet gives them the best solution as what doctors say? In this article, we […]

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Best Diet for Alcohol Withdrawal

Best Diet for Alcohol Withdrawal – Detoxing from Alcohol

In today’s cultural establishments, many people often become alcoholic and trying the best diet for alcohol withdrawal. Stopping alcohol immediately can impose certain side effects and to safely detox your body, you should follow certain procedures. Let us discuss the effects of alcoholism and steps to recover by detoxifying and following alcohol withdrawal diet.   […]

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Signs of Alcoholism

Signs of Alcoholism: What are the effects and problems of alcoholism?

Introduction to Alcoholic Addiction (Signs of Alcoholism):   Аlcоhоl addictiоn is a chrоnic brain disease characterized by the cоmpulsive use оf alcоhоl. The alcоhоl changes the brain bоth in structure and in hоw it wоrks by disrupting the nоrmal functiоns. These changes can be a lоng term or short term and lead tо harmful behavior. […]

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Depression and Alcoholism, a close relationship

Depression and alcoholism – a close relationship

Introduction to Depression and Alcoholism Depression and alcoholism- a close relationship. Obviously, the relationship is strong, as we have seen many people drinking alcohol in an attempt to forget a few memories. They try to give self-medication to themselves when they are in the bad or depressed mood. This is, of course, a temporary solution, […]

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