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About Abul Aziz, founder at You Take Care Today

Hello Everyone,

I am Abul Aziz, Admin of You Take Care Today Blog.

I work in a government concern which requires frequent transfers from one place to other and I find it always difficult for me to adjust to new places with new people.

At times I feel very depressed but I cannot share my situation with anyone as the social stigma attached to such diseases in our society.

Lately, when things started becoming worse than I reluctantly shared my depression with a friend and to my surprise, he too was facing such a situation more or less similar but he too hides it from all.

I felt much relaxed that it’s not a strange thing confined to me only. Lately, I realized it’s a common problem that people face in today’s stressful life.

People feel depressed about one or many things around them few times known and strangely feel depressed without any known problems.

Lastly, they move to alcohol to feel a bit relaxed. This gives a temporary relief but continuously resorting to alcohol aggravates the conditions and sometimes much worse incidents happen.

Both depression and alcoholism are diseases like other diseases also becoming more in our modern life but are treatable provided if it is shared by the right peoples.

I have decided to create this platform to share my views and your valuable suggestions to help we all to live a healthy and stressfree life.



In today’s stressful life with different target and goals to be achieved in time bound frame people will face the situation very common.

But no one wants to disclose it or talk freely about the problems as they normally discuss other diseases or disorders like diabetes high pressure etc .due to social stigma.

Attached to mental problems in our society and keep their problems a secret thereby leading to more complicated situations which can be avoided if one discloses it at an early symptoms of the problems of it called Depression.

In all walks of life face this, but reluctant to speak about it. Myself also faced such situation for last few years till I realized it to discuss with friends and doctors and learned to overcome it.

This is created with a motto to discuss this very common problem creeping in the society affecting all from students to professionals, children to older ones, men women, to discuss openly.

Started this blog to help each other with their experience to fight depression and remove the social stigma attached to it in our society.

There are different techniques medications and meditation developed by different people can be discussed and shared here for mutual benefits.


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